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Princess Howell Johnson,
Founding Director of
Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet

Erica Motley,
Owner of CreateME

 "I am inspired. I am enlightened. I am encouraged. I am blessed to be connected to a woman with strength of this caliber! This book is moving to say the least. Although our journey's were different, it hit areas in my life that are "closed". I've been on this journey to self love for about a year now & this was what I needed to read to help me go a bit further & remind me what I've experienced isn't solely for me. What Doesn't Kill You, reminded me of Joseph's tragedy to triumph. It reminded me how true God is to his Romans 8:28..."And we know that ALL things work together for the good of them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose." I am reminded most of all that God can't lie! He loves us & He holds on to us even when we let go! are amazing! You are certainly honoring one of your many callings. I honor the God in you for accepting this task & allowing yourself to be in this state of transparency, vulnerability, & humility. & I pray you continue to be a testament to the massive greatness of our God! Looking forward to many more books...your writing is captivating. You have "the oil" mixed in the ink girl! Keep pushing!" 💞💞💞-Angela Johnson

"It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to have you Michelle on my podcast. You were such a delight and inspiration.  You were knowledgeable both educationally and real world, hands on experience that was so insightful. Your presence was definitely needed. Your teaching outlook and ability is beyond impeccable. You are a blessing to the children that you teach and serve. I love that you don't view your teaching position as just a job but you see it as your passion. The love and dedication  you have for what you do helps push these young people into their destinies. We need more Michelle Jefferson's in the world.  

I absolutely enjoyed having you on my podcast and I look forward to seeing other great things from you."


-Vanessa Mitchell, The Preacher Girl 

"Michelle and L.E.A.P have been such an asset to the ladies of my AMPed Life Women organization. Her wealth of knowledge has not only educated us, but we walk away feeling encouraged and empowered every time she speaks.  She speaks with such passion, honesty and truth that is so relatable. I will continue enlist her services year after year to
inject energy and positivity into my organization."

Amexia M. H. Porterfield – Founder of AMPed Life Women

Jayden watkins book cover.jpg

"Mrs. Harris Jefferson's editing services are very professional. She got the job completed before the due date and her work was still fantastic. She will make sure that little things will be fixed and the big problems will be fixed such as, punctuation, headers, footers, fonts and much more. She made my book look cleaner and still did what I asked her to do! I look forward to working with Mrs.Jefferson in the future!"


Jayden Amir Watkins-Author

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