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WhyWeLEAP Offers!

The Sunshine Set Mindfulness Cards

These mindfulness cards are designed to help students develop resilience by incorporating mindfulness practices into their daily routines. Each card contains a simple mindfulness exercise or reflection prompt to encourage self-awareness, emotional regulation, and stress management. By regularly engaging with these cards, students can cultivate inner strength and build resilience to navigate life's challenges with confidence and ease.

The Mind Body Reset Mindfulness Cards

These mindfulness cards offer quick and effective mindfulness exercises for processing big emotions and resetting the mind and body. Each card presents a unique technique, including deep breathing, body awareness, and gratitude, to help users ground themselves and find calm amidst stress. Incorporate these practices into your daily routine for improved mental, physical and emotional well-being and resilience.

WhyWeLEAP Mindful Affirmation Education Flashcards-Sunshine Set_edited.jpg
Mindfulness Cards-Mind Body Reset_edited
Mindfulness Cards-Mind Body Reset_edited_edited.png

WhyWeLEAP Posters & Guides

WhyWeLEAP has printable resources available to support you on your Trauma-Informed Journey! Check out our 5 Minute Turnarounds Poster and the Calm Corners Implementation Guide! Request a quote for your own custom printable!

Five Powerful 5 minute Turnarounds by WhyWeLEAP.png
A Guide on how to Introduce the Calm Down Space.png
Take the Leap Journal Series image.jpg

Take the LEAP Journals

Journaling is an amazing way to begin, continue or enhance the healing process, brain dump, vent and so much more on this journey to trauma-informed living! WhyWeLEAP now has a brand new line of journals for all your needs! Check out our 6 options TODAY!

Check Out the Moments of Reflection Journal review
featured on Coach D's Planner Life

Consulting 101
From Educator to Consultant The HJ Way
A How-To Guide

Ever wondered what it would  be like to venture into the world of consulting but don't know where to start? Grab this e-book. It has a plethora of advice and resources from assessing your readiness to building your offers!

Educator to Consultant...The HJ Way E-Book.png

Memoirs from Amazon

Starting a book club? Looking to share multiple copies of this amazing memoir with the masses? We have partnered with Amazon for quick delivery of unsigned copies of our memoir. Whether its a single copy for that special someone or a new read for your organization, we've got you covered!


Signed Memoirs!

Want to get your signed copy? Send us your information and we will be happy to send you a signed copy! Contact us today and ask about purchasing sets for classes, clubs and so much more!


I am excited to announce that Why We LEAP Consulting, LLC has partnered with Bead-A-Roma to bring you the WhyWeLEAP Gift Set! Want to spread the love? Know someone who could use some inspiration?  Order your gift set TODAY!



WhyWeLEAP Gift Set!

A Supportive Hug

Supportive Listenting Sessions

Supportive listening service provide clients with a private, safe place to navigate the challenges that trauma presented in one's daily life. These sessions fill the gap between the support that friends and family provide and what mental health therapy and counseling provides. If you are in need of support on this journey of trauma-informed living, we can help! Individual and group sessions available!


Meet the author of What Doesn't Kill You: A Memoir and be inspired by her journey! From trauma to success! Feel the power of overcoming as she invites you into her journey! Order your copy and book TODAY!


Looking to book a motivational speaker but the time just doesn't seem to coordinate for your entire organization to benefit? No worries! We now offer OnDemand, prerecorded motivational speaking videos, complete with supporting materials to make your engagement interactive! All offerings are customizable! Contact us TODAY!

Motivational Speaking OnDemand!

Family Unwrapping

ACEs Survey for Kids:
How to Determine
Your Child's ACEs Score

Interested in obtaining your child's ACEs score but you just don't know where to start? Check out this FREE video that walks you through a simple way to find out your child's ACEs score today! Contact us!



Support Group

The Mental Health Tool Kit

Mini Course


Summary: The Mental Health Tool Kit mini course is a practical guide to mental health. In the last year, isolation has taken a toll on many and access to help is either out of reach or unknown. This mini course will provide you with a directory of FREE resources to help you take control of your mental health in addition to the information needed to understand your mental health, your family's and your community's as well!

Colleagues Working Together

ACEs Case Study Course

Coming Soon!

Summary: Looking to learn more about ACEs and its impact on the lives of real people? Take a deep dive into the life of an ACEs survivor and thriver 

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us for custom offerings!

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